4 Year Achievements of Ministry of Coal, Government of India

Photo courtesy : PIB

During UPA tenure, the most heard term in Coal sector was ‘Coal Scam’. This is the first time I can acknowledge the ‘Report Card’ on ‘Coal Industry’. This is remarkable achievement by Narendra Modi Government.

4 Year Achievements of Ministry of Coal, Government of India

India’s Increased coal production in last 4 Years, will help in realising Hon’ble Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi’s vision of 24×7 Affordable ‘Power for All’, which is a part of the New India vision by 2022.

Photo courtesy : Ministry of Coal, Govt of India

India is the 3rd largest producer of Coal in the World. India has the 5th largest estimated coal reserves in the world, standing at 308.802 billion tonnes in FY16.

☮ Coal Production of Coal India Ltd. (CIL) has increased from 462 MT in 2013-14 to 567 MT in 2017-18.

☮ Overall 105 MT increase in coal production in 4 years (2014-18) took almost 7 years to achieve before 2013-14.

☮ 103 % Percentage increase of Growth in All India coal production from 33 MT in 2010-14 to 67 MT 2014-18.

☮ 135 % Percentage increase of Growth in CIL coal production from 31 MT in 2010-14 to 73 MT in 2014-18.

☮ 80.6 % Percentage increase of Growth in All India coal dispatch from 48.6 MT in 2010-14 to 87.76 MT in 2014-18

☮ 96.14 % Percentage increase of Growth in CIL coal dispatch from 46.62 MT in 2010-14 to 91.44 MT in 2014-18

☮ 135 % Percentage increase of Growth in CIL coal production (in MT) from 33 MT in 2010-14 to 2014-18.

☮ Drilling for exploration has almost doubled to 13.7 Lakh Metres in 2017-18 from 6.9 Lakh Meters in 2013-14.

☮ Specific coal consumption (amount of coal required per unit of electricity) has reduced by 8% in the last 4 years

☮ 89 Coal Mines have been transparently auctioned and allotted with 100% revenues to coal bearing States

☮ Under SHAKTI – 16 Fuel Supply Agreements have been signed. 45.18 MTPA has been transparently auctioned to non-regulated sector

☮ Commercial Coal Mining, most ambitious coal sector reform ever, will help in creating direct and indirect employment

☮ Coal loading of Coal India has increased from 195 rakes per day in 2014-15 to 230 rakes per day in 2017-18

☮ Coal linkage rationalization in power sector resulted in total coal movement rationalization of 55.66 MT with annual potential savings of Rs. 3,359 Crore.

☮ UTTAM App has been launched for ensuring transparency and efficiency in coal quality monitoring process.

☮ To ensure adequate coal supply, Tori-Balumath Rail Section, a part of long awaited Tori-Shivpur rail line (44 Km.), Jharsuguda-Barapalli (53 Km.) rail line in Odisha has also been completed.

☮ Government of India approved the methodology for auction of coal mines & In March 2018, the government allowed 100 per cent FDI in coal mining.

☮ Mining Surveillance System (MSS) launched in order to establish a regime of responsive mineral administration by curbing instances of illegal mining activity though automatic remote sensing detection technology.

(MT denotes ‘million tonnes’)

Source : PIB


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