How much ‘Black Money’ recovered post 2014 ???

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Nothing happened on Black Money or Does all the ‘Black Money’ recovered?

In order to find out the Answer for above questions, please read the Facts & Stats in detail …

What was the ‘Election Manifesto Promise’ & What is been Done on ‘Black Money’ till now …

✊ 2014 BJP Manifesto Promise

“By minimizing the scope for corruption, we will ensure minimization of the generation of black money. BJP is committed to initiate the process of tracking down and bringing back black money stashed in foreign banks and offshore accounts. We will set up a Task Force for this purpose and to recommend amendments to existing laws or enact new laws. The process of bringing back black money to India what belongs to India, will be put in motion on priority. We will also proactively engage with foreign Governments to facilitate information sharing on black money.” (Page 5)

🙌 Action Taken

✒ Narendra Modi govt set up SIT on black money as soon as they came in Power.
✒ For reducing the scope of corruption they did many things like Demonetisation, Direct Benefit Transfer.
✒ NDA got ‘GST’ passed which helped in curbing ‘Parallel Economy’.
✒ NDA passed many Bills like RERA, FCRA (Amnd’t), Benami, FEOB bill, PMLA (Money Laundering).
✒ In order to tackle ‘Swiss Accounts’, deal with Switzerland is Signed in 2017 according to which Tax related Data sharing started from 1 Jan 2018.

🙄 How much ‘Black Money’ recovered –

📎 Under IDS’15 a total of 3,770 crore declared.
📎 Under IDS’16 a total of 65,250 crore declared.
📎 16,000 crore din’t came back to Banks post ‘Demonetisation’.
📎 21000 people declared 4,900 crore under PMGKY.
📎 17,526 crore found as Undisclosed Income under ‘OCM’.
📎 29,213 crore found as Undisclosed Income.
📎 4,164 crore declared under ‘Black Money & Imposition Tax Act’.
📎 4,300 crore worth properties attached under ‘Benami (Prohibition) Act’.
📎 90,012 crore saved through ‘Direct Benefit Transfer’.

Fact remains 1,45,123 crore worth of ‘Black Money’ had been captured / came back post IDS & Demonetisation & 90,012 crore worth of money leakage checked & property attached. Cash deposits of 2.89 lakh crore under I-T investigation.

When some ‘#Pidi’ throw this silly question just don’t miss the Opportunity to thrash Him / Her apart.🙆

Note : I have Not mentioned the various other benefits derived ‘GST’, ‘Demonetisation’, ‘Benami’ or ‘NPA Recovery’ in this Post.


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